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The Renal Department within the Norfolk and Norwich University Foundation Trust provides a wide range of services for people with a range of kidney problems; operating over four areas:

  • Norfolk and Norwich Kidney Centre (chronic dialysis)

  • Langley Ward (acute renal care/acute dialysis)

  • Cromer Dialysis Unit

  • Renal Home Therapies (home-based dialysis)


  • Haemodialysis Treatment

  • Renal Home Therapies Training

  • ​Outpatient Nephrology Clinics

  • ​Transplant Clinics

  • Renal Dietetics

  • ​Vascular Access Services

  • Specialist Anaemia Services​

  • ​Patient Education Programme for Pre-Dialysis Patients

  • Renal Social Worker

  • Access to a Renal Counsellor


The Norfolk Renal Fund is a registered charity (1045119) strongly linked to the local Renal Units at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital, James Paget Hospital and Cromer Hospital.

Norfolk Renal Fund


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