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Kidney transplantation is a treatment option for patients with renal failure. Not every patient is suitable for transplant and part of my role as the renal transplant coordinator is to help assess those patients who may be suitable for transplant. This will be discussed between you and your kidney doctor initially and then if deemed eligible you will be referred to myself.

Other aspects of my role include supporting patients and their families through the kidney transplant process. Transplant co-ordination begins when a patient is referred to a transplant unit for consideration of an organ transplant and follows the recipient though the whole process into long term post transplant follow up care.

I provide information about the benefits and risks of transplantation so that potential kidney transplant patients can make an informed decision about going on the transplant list. Our transplant centre is Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge and they hold an assessment clinic at NNKC once every 2 months.

The assessment process involves ensuring that anyone being considered for kidney transplantation has the appropriate blood tests and investigations performed to help establish their suitability for transplant. If a patient is deemed fit for transplant we are responsible for activating those patients onto the National Kidney Transplant Waiting List. We provide on-going support and advice for patients while they are on the transplant waiting list.

I am also the Live Kidney Donor Co-ordinator and this involves assessing suitability and providing support for people who have come forward to be potential live kidney donors to either loved ones or close friends. There is a strict criteria that needs to be met in order to donate a kidney safely and after donation we provide annual follow ups for the rest of your life.

Have any questions regarding transplant? Do you want to donate a kidney? Or know someone who does?

Please contact me, details below.

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