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What do Dietitians Do?

Our role as Renal Dietitians is to provide nutritional advice to people with all levels of kidney disease. This includes those with reduced kidney function, people who require dialysis, and those who may have had a kidney transplant.


Our aim as Dietitians is to support people to eat as varied diet as possible, whilst trying to keep certain blood results and fluid levels within safe limits. We also provide nutrition support advice to those who may be struggling with their appetite and offer support to patients who may be looking to make healthier lifestyle choices. We work closely alongside other multi-disciplinary team members to ensure our patients receive the best possible care and the most comprehensive advice.


What types of advice do we give?

Often Renal patients need support in managing more than one dietary intervention. As Dietitians we provide the most up-to-date evidenced based advice, whilst ensuring patients’ individual needs and food preferences are taken into account.

We provide help and support with:

  • Managing potassium and phosphate levels

  • Fluid and salt management

  • Healthy eating

  • Weight management for those who may be looking to lose weight ahead of a kidney transplant

  • Nutrition support advice if you are struggling with a reduced appetite/ unintentional weight loss


Our working hours are Monday- Friday 08:00hrs -16:00hrs


01603 647430

01603 647429

01603 747429

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